The Adult Social Care Team has published a ‘Safeguarding Adults Procedures’ document and a ‘Service Plan’ for the team.  Both publications provide an oversight of the work that the Adult Social Care Team does on St Helena.

Paul Bridgewater, Head of the Adult Social Care Team, said:

“With the Service Plan, we wanted to explain to the people on St Helena, who access our service, what they can expect from our team.

“The Adult Safeguarding Procedures have been drawn up to provide an effective, flexible and dependable response to individual issues around adult abuse.”

There will be free summarised booklets available soon in Island outlets, but if anyone wishes to discuss both papers, or would like to be provided with more information, then please contact the Adult Social Care team on tel: 23172.

The Safeguarding Adults Procedures and the Adult Social Care Service Plan documents can be found at the following links:



7 March 2016


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