The St Helena Safeguarding Children Board recently allocated funding for the Dental Clinic to procure a Fluid Air Abrasion unit.

The unit operates by blowing small particles surrounded by a sheath of water onto the tooth to remove decay and prepare the cavity.  It prepares the tooth without vibration, noise, heat generation or smell and greatly reduces the need for local anaesthetic.

Wayne Badier, Senior Dentist, said:

“This unit goes a long way to replace the traditional dental drill and reduces the need for local anaesthetic when treating small areas of decay in primary and permanent teeth. 

“There are a number of children who are reluctant to have dental treatment, especially fillings.  As treatment with this unit is less invasive and more comfortable, it will go a long way to help children feel at ease during treatment.  This will help build confidence in patients during dental visits and will ultimately reduce dental phobia.”

The Dental Clinic would like to thank the Safeguarding Children Board for making the funds available.  The unit is expected to be installed and be operational by April 2016.


4 December 2015


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