Two Royal Navy vessels, Type 23 Frigate HMS Lancaster and fuel tanker RFA Gold Rover, will visit St Helena from Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 October 2015 – to take part in the bicentennial anniversary of Napoleon’s arrival to the Island.

As always, St Helena looks forward to providing a warm welcome to the men and women of the Royal Navy and a busy programme of events has been drawn up by the Governor’s Office.

Events planned include a call on the Governor by the Captains of both ships, a visit to the Hospital, various sporting activities and tree planting with the Millennium Forest Community Project. HMS Lancaster will host various activities on board including an invited evening reception and a capability demonstration.  Crew members from both ships will participate in bicentennial anniversary activities, including attendance at a reception at Longwood House and at the Briars Pavilion.

HMS Lancaster carries the new Wildcat helicopter which will conduct various flying operations over St Helena Airport and Napoleonic sites. The Royal Navy will also engage in exercises with the St Helena Sea Rescue Service.

Governor Mark Capes commented:

“The people of St Helena attach great importance to maintaining the close links with the Royal Navy that the Island has enjoyed, stretching back over several centuries. For the St Helena community it is always reassuring to see the Royal Navy in James’ Bay and I know that the visiting crew members will be made most welcome.

“It is of course especially pleasing that the Royal Navy will be here on 15 October 2015, to mark the arrival of Napoleon on that very day 200 years ago aboard HMS Northumberland. The rest, as they say, is history – so that today Napoleon’s legacy is a valued part of St Helena’s rich story.”      

Notes for Editors

HMS Lancaster is a Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate. She has completed two thirds of her nine-month deployment, and has so far travelled over 24,000 miles with over 14 port visits on four continents. As well as visiting British Overseas Territories, her deployment has also seen a range of other tasks including general defence engagement, maritime security and conducting training with foreign militaries. On leaving St Helena, HMS Lancaster will visit a further seven countries

HMS Lancaster is the first ship in the Royal Navy to deploy with the new Wildcat helicopter and her crew are wearing the first new Naval uniform in 70 years.

The RFA Gold Rover was built on the River Tyne in north-east England. She entered service in 1974 and this is her final deployment after 40+ years of service, replenishing Royal Navy ships with fuel, oil, aviation fuel, lubricants, fresh water and a limited amount of dry cargo and refrigerated goods.


6 October 2015


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