Louise Scott
Louise Scott

Louise Scott (pictured) arrived on Island on 7 November 2015 to take up her role as a new Detective Constable in St Helena’s Police Service – to work on investigations relating to domestic violence, sexual abuse (working closely with the Safeguarding Team), and on other local crimes such as burglary and criminal damage.

Louise, who is initially contracted for a period of two years, spoke of her new role:

“I am slowly meeting new people and learning about the Island, in addition to understanding the local systems in place here as compared to the UK.”

Louise chose policing as a career as she has always wanted to work in an area which focuses on the protection of vulnerable people and children.

 Louise added:

“If I can go some way towards helping these people then I can say I have achieved something in my life.”

Louise has been a Detective for six years, based in East Sussex in the UK. She worked in CID for four years, before moving on to the child protection issues and anti-victimisation crimes.

Louise concluded:

“I have worked in extremely busy areas in the UK and I do believe I have gained a huge amount of experience within a very short space of time. I look forward to bringing this experience and knowledge to policing here in St Helena.”


20 November 2015


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