Prince Andrew School commemorated Remembrance Day in a special assembly, led by students from Year 12, on Tuesday 11 November 2014.

Introduced by Lizemarie Robbertse and Hannah Durnford, the assembly focussed on the sacrifice and suffering of those touched by conflict in wars past and present.  To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War, its morale boosting songs were accompanied by images of propaganda and optimism to emphasise the mood of many in 1914.  This was followed by information on the horrific realities of the conflict, presented by Chrystabel Greentree, Kyle Francis, Louise Thomas, Angelique Adams, Ross Leo and Elizabeth Cairns-wicks.   Sisters, Laura & Sophie O’Keeffe sang a particularly moving lament reflecting the life and death of a young Irish soldier in war, ‘Green Fields of France’.  Designed by Sophie George, a poignant powerpoint display illustrated the fact that, despite the First World War being ‘the war to end all wars’, the tragedy of conflict is still with us.

Headteacher, Mr Paul Starkie spoke of the life and death of soldier-poet, Wilfred Owen, an Officer who was killed just seven days before the end of the war.  He read ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ by Owen to show, not only the horror of the front line, but also to highlight the quiet grief of those left behind.

The image of St Helena’s cenotaph dominated the stage as Ross drummed a military tattoo and students symbolically placed poppies in the shape of the cross.  The moving assembly was brought to a close with the school’s President and Vice President (Lizemarie and Chrystabel) reading the words from Laurence Binyon’s poem of remembrance,  “For the Fallen” and Father Dale Bowers sounding the Last Post.    All Prince Andrew School students stood to mark the 2 minute silence at the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month before the customary Reveille.  In a final prayer, Father Dale spoke of remembrance and prayed for world peace.

After the assembly, Mr Starkie commented:

“This was a historically significant occasion, led exceptionally well by our 6th form and observed with greatest respect by our assembled students.”

Year 12 and Miss Kath Squires would like to thank Mr Paul Starkie, Father Dale Bowers, August Graham, Laura O’Keefe, Thomas Hickling, Mr Andy Day, Mr Stuart Leo and Mr Peter Thomas for their contributions.


14 November 2014


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