Comair’s air services between St Helena Airport and OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg are scheduled to commence in late February 2016. Naturally, this date is dependent on final certification and operational readiness of St Helena Airport.

One flight a week will depart from Johannesburg every Saturday morning at 08.20am (GMT+2) and will arrive at St Helena Airport at approximately 11.30am (GMT). The return flight will depart from St Helena at 12.30pm (GMT) and will arrive at OR Tambo International Airport at approximately 6.30pm (GMT+2).

Given that the recommended minimum connecting time at OR Tambo International Airport for international-to-international flights is 60 minutes, this timing will allow seamless connections to and from a range of international destinations.  For example, the 08.20am departure to St Helena will provide sufficient time to connect customers off, for example, the BA 055 flight arriving from London Heathrow.

St Helena Government, in consultation with Comair, is in the process of determining the final pricing structures, and bookings will open for sale once St Helena Airport has been granted certification.


6 October 2015


  1. Hoping to go home in July next year as not been since 2002. So exciting that at last it is so much easier to get home. Very keen to receive updates! Thank you so much

  2. Thrilled to bits, cant wait for the first touch down of passengers. Love the RMS going to be sad the day she does not come to our island again, but we need to join the new World get to places faster and quicker. Well done to the Basil Read Team and their hard work, to get this project completed in record time. Now the challenge is to Com Air Services’ , hope the fares are going to be affordably for the Saint Helenians as well, not just tourists. I certainly will be a passenger.

  3. Looking forward to positive news from “Comair Services for 2016. . Would love to visit the land of my Ancestors”.

  4. Want to get to St helena at the end of march so it,s good news about the flights,

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