The following Bills have been approved by Executive Council for presentation as Government business at the next formal meeting of Legislative Council:

  • Legislative Council (Remuneration and Allowances)(Amendment) Bill 2018
  • Charities (Amendment) Bill

 These Bills can be found on the St Helena Government website, under the Public Consultations section of the Publications page at the following link:

Comments should be sent to the Clerk of Councils on tel: 22470 or Assistant Clerk of Councils on tel: 22590 or via email:

Legislative Council (Remuneration and Allowances)(Amendment) Bill 2018

 This Ordinance amends the remuneration, allowances and benefits payable to Members of the Legislative Council, Speaker and Deputy Speaker to which they are entitled under the Legislative Council (Remuneration and Allowances) Ordinance, 2010.

Charities (Amendment) Bill

 This Ordinance amends the Charities Ordinance, 2005, to require charitable organisations that deal primarily with vulnerable adults to develop and maintain a safeguarding policy with respect to these beneficiaries. Failure to comply with the safeguarding policy may result in the organisation being removed from the register.  The Ordinance also makes provision for payment of a civil penalty to the Commission in the event of failure by an organisation to submit an updated annual report with respect to the implementation of its safeguarding policy. The penalty also applies for failure by charitable organisations to submit annual financial statements and accounts.

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21 September 2018

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