About ANRD

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Division (ANRD) forms a part of the St Helena Government’s Environment and Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD).  The Division’s role contributes to the quality of life on St Helena through implementation of agricultural, forestry, fisheries and natural resources programmes and the provision of services to producers and the general public.

The Division employs around 39 full time staff, including a fisheries officer, agriculture extension officers, veterinary officers, biosecurity and pest control officers, forestry managers, forestry field staff and administrators.

What We Do


‘To encourage growth and development in the agriculture, fisheries and natural resources sectors through enhancing food security from local sources, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources’

Our mission will be achieved through supporting a sector that embraces and contributes to:

  • Economic growth (and development).
  • Sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Food security.
  • Improved biosecurity.

Planned Outcomes:

ANRD has 4 broad outcomes over the next 3 years:

  • Outcome 1:

Increased self sufficiency in products for which the Island has a competitive advantage.

  • Outcome 2:

Effective management of the forest estate is providing sustained levels of forest services.

  • Outcome 3:

Sustainable access to our fisheries.

  • Outcome 4:

Effective management of threats to our production, biodiversity and natural environments.

Role and Functions

To achieve our planned outcomes, the Division will actively collaborate in Policy and Programs with other SHG Divisions, Enterprise St Helena and the Island’s Private Sector. We will:

  • work with sector stakeholders to develop and deliver support policies and programs that help our agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries, including adopting new technology, innovation and practices such as integrated pest management.
  • implement a DRAFT National Agriculture Policy Doc- March 2013 to improve performance for the agriculture industry.
  • establish and implement a robust licencing policy to manage access for commercial and sport fishing ventures.
  • support initiatives to help producers and SHG to protect and develop the natural resource base that our production industries rely on.
  • provide farmer driven research and advice on economic issues affecting our agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries
  • provide scientific and policy advice.
  • represent St Helena Government at international meetings relating to agriculture, biosecurity and fisheries.
  • protect our agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries through establishment and implementation of robust biosecurity services to and by providing quarantine and inspection services that maintains our favourable pest and disease status.

The Division is one of several bodies in the agriculture and fisheries and portfolio.

Our Service Standards

Our ANRD Service Delivery STANDARD 2013 outlines our commitment to our clients (that is, those persons or businesses directly impacted by programs, service delivery or regulation). It highlights our service responsibilities and the standard of service you can expect from ANRD staff.

The Division works to sustain the way of life of all Islanders. We lead the development and implementation of policy, and provision of advice and services to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.

We help people and goods move in and out of St Helena while managing the risks to the environment and animal, plant and human health.

We aim to be professional, accountable and transparent in all our dealings with clients. In return, we ask for your honesty and respect in your dealings with us.

We are committed to providing quality service delivery. In order to deliver the highest standard of client service we are commencing a service delivery modernisation program. We welcome your feedback to help us do this.

Useful Documents

Agriculture Training Needs Analysis Report (Oct 2018)

Public-Private Agricultural Partnerships Policy 2012

National Agric- Policy & Implement-Strategy

ANRD Service Delivery STANDARD 2013