Getting Started

It’s easy to register with SHCC. Community education courses are open entry and you can pick up an application form at the Education Learning Centre, the Public Library, or at any of our schools. Alternatively, you can download an application form from our Resources page on this website. In addition to the prospectus, courses are advertised regularly in the local media.

For Professional Studies or Higher Education applications, we will need to review your application and determine if you meet the requirements for the programme. In addition, you may want to get more information about funding and sponsorship to help pay for your studies.

If you feel  that you need some advice or guidance about the best option for you, just call 26607 to speak to someone by telephone or to make an appointment to come in person to find out more. For details on how to find us or other ways to get in touch, visit the Contact Us page.

Paying for courses

Courses offered by the St Helena Community College are supported by the St Helena Government through the Education and Employment Directorate. Details of our Charging Policy are set out under the Fees page or under Charges on the prospectus.

You should be aware that in some cases if you drop out of a course or fail to take the associated examination you may be liable for additional charges up to the entire actual cost of the course. Make sure you understand the commitment you are making.

Within our General Education section, you will find a number of Core Courses which are offered free of charge. Core Courses offer you an opportunity to gain skills in literacy (English), numeracy (Maths) and IT up to GCSE level. These are fully funded because almost everyone needs to have skills in these key areas. You can find out more about these courses.

Some courses, especially those offered through our Professional Studies and Higher Education provision, may still be more expensive than you can easily afford. There are several ways that you can find funding to help support your studies.

Your employer: Many employers will sponsor your studies if they think it will contribute to your work performance. We are happy to work with you in this case. You can ask for a Sponsorship Form for your employer to complete and bring that back in to us. This will allow us to bill your employer directly.

In the back of the prospectus, you will find the SHCC Charging Policy as approved by the Education Committee. You can also find it on the Policies page of this website. This can be helpful if you have any questions about how much you will need to pay for your course.

You should be aware that you may be responsible for additional charges if you withdraw from a course or require a resit or extension. These are set out in the Charging Policy.

Quick Guided Step Process

Step 1

Complete SHCC application form and return it to the Early Learning Centre or Carnarvon Court.

Step 2

You will receive a registration letter that tells you when the course is offered and what the charges will be.

Step 3

Arrange to pay for your course and collect a receipt for your tuition payment.

Step 4

Start your course. You’ve taken a step forward in achieving your goals!