About the St Helena Community College

The St Helena Community College (SHCC) was created to provide learning, training and development opportunities for the St Helena community.

SHCC builds upon a strong foundation of lifelong learning provision already in place in St Helena. It has as its goal the development of the human potential of the Island, helping learners of all ages to achieve their personal goals.

The St Helena Community College was established by the St Helena Education Committee in August 2016. It is managed by the Education and Employment Directorate of the St Helena Government under the oversight of the Education Committee. A Community College Board, set up under the direction of the Education Committee, offers policy guidance and direction and ensures community input into the running of the College.

For details on how to find us or get in touch, visit the Contact Us page.

What SHCC offers you

SHCC offers a wide range of learning opportunities for the St Helena community. Our prospectus highlights the course offerings in our General EducationTechnical and Vocational Education or Professional Studies programmes and offers general information about our Higher Education programmes as well. A separate Higher Education prospectus outlines the wide range of university and pre-university courses on offer.

The General Education programme offers preparation for core qualifications like GCSE and Functional Skills examinations. These provide the basic skills that everyone needs before  pursuing more advanced studies. General Education also provides opportunities to gain practical skills for workplace success, improve your IT skills and undertake courses for personal development. The General Education pages will tell you more about what we offer.

The sections on Technical and Vocational Education and Professional Studies will give you general guidance and will tell you how to gain valuable qualifications to help you reach your career goals.

If you are looking to develop academically, the next step for you may be A levels or perhaps an Access diploma, a newer qualification designed specifically for mature learners. You can find more information on both those options in the prospectus.

If you are ready to move on to university courses, we support a wide range of Higher Education options for you to consider. SHCC supports distance learning courses from internationally recognised UK universities, giving you access to world-class learning opportunities.

We are happy to offer information and guidance about study options, but you may also wish to seek advice outside of education, particularly if you are making decisions based on your career goals. It can be very useful to  discuss your plans and goals with several people to gain different perspectives. In the end, though, your education is your own personal journal. SHCC is here to support you along the way.

Meet our Team

Angela Benjamin

Head Of Lifelong Learning

Joyce Duncan

SHCC Manager

Cherilee Thomas-Johnson

Support Officer (Training Coordination)

Christine Coleman

Support Officer (NVQ)

Carley Peters

Assistant Support Officer