Recreational boating / fishing / spearfishing

The MMP recognises that activities such as recreational boating / recreational fishing and spearfishing from a boat are important cultural uses of the marine environment. These activities are vital for people’s wellbeing and add food to the table. The management of recreational fisheries falls under the Fisheries Protection Ordinance (2021) and associated license, regulations and policies, which were heavily consulted on prior to their approval. The MMP acknowledges the threats associated with this use, and lists the current management measures supporting a sustainable approach to fishing. The MMP will not impact any of these key activities, i.e. nothing will change. See Part 1, section 5 for Threats and Part 1, section 6 for Governance (legislation and policies). Part 2, objective 2.1, 3.1 and 3.2 summarises the actions that will be taken to ensure sustainable fisheries and ensure inclusion of Island culture and traditional activities in management for the next 5 years.

Image Credit: Karl Thrower