R2 Project: Rehabilitation of Side Road and Field Road Update

Further to the recent announcement published on 4 July 2023 regarding the rehabilitation of Field Road, the Programme Management Office (PMO) would like to advise that significant quantities of crushed rock aggregate, to the required project specifications, will be required for these works.

The specifications are the same as were used successfully to rehabilitate Side Path Road. The provisional quantities required for Field Road are:

  • Sub-base 1,500m3
  • Concrete 1,700m3 

As these are significant quantities in the context of the local construction sector, the PMO are providing this information in advance of signing the construction contract with the preferred tenderer who, following construction contract signature, will be responsible for all the construction works. 

This information will enable the private sector to gear-up and plan their production accordingly, for providing the materials required for Field Road (e.g. to procure appropriate explosives, and blast as necessary to produce sufficient aggregate stockpiles etc).

The PMO will be arranging follow-up discussions with the private sector as necessary.


31 July 2023

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