Public Warning Systems installed in Rupert’s and Jamestown

Three public warning systems have recently been installed on St Helena and are located in Rupert’s and Jamestown.

The units are Tannoy speaker systems, intended to warn all persons in these areas of an impending threat by way of emitting a siren tone. They also have the capability to broadcast very basic voice messaging.

Jamestown and Rupert’s were chosen due to their dense populations and various strategic assets, such as key public or Island services.

The units will be operated by the Joint Emergency Control Centre located at the Royal St Helena Police Headquarters. The system also has the capability of being operated from other backup locations on the Island if needed.

The siren alert sound will be a wailing tone, similar to an air raid siren.

If you hear the siren sound in one of these areas please follow these instructions:

  1. GO IN – Go indoors (unless the message advised otherwise)
  2. STAY IN – Stay indoors (unless the message advised otherwise)
  3. TUNE IN – Tune in to your local radio station for more details and updates on the situation

Further guidance on what to do in an emergency when the sirens are sounding will be issued in due course.

The emergency services will be testing the sirens in the near future. This will be an opportunity for all in the area to hear the wailing tone the siren emits. More information will follow with regards to when these tests will take place.

Maintenance testing will also be conducted each month to ensure the siren system is operating correctly. These test will be carried out on the first Tuesday of each month between 12:00 and 12:30. During these tests the sirens will emit a different sound to the alert tone. This is to reduce confusion between an actual alert and a scheduled maintenance test, whilst still allowing authorities to test the system effectively.

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28 April 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470