Driving Competency Test Availability In November And December

The public are advised that Driving Competency Tests will be unavailable between 15 November 2023 and 18 December 2023.

Should you wish to book a driving test in the meantime, please contact Police Headquarters by telephone on: 22626. Anyone wishing to book a Driving Competency Test after 18 December 2023 should do so by calling the Vehicle Inspector by telephone on 23695.

Learner Drivers and their Driving Instructors are reminded that:

  • Before booking a Driving Competency Test, learner drivers are required to complete learning for a minimum of six weeks or have driven for a minimum of 100 hours.
  • Prior to undertaking a Driving Competency Test, the Driving Examiner will require the Learner Driver to produce proof of their Provisional Driver’s Licence, vehicle licence and insurance, and will check that the vehicle is safe to be used on the road before the commencement of the test. In addition, Learner Drivers are required to produce a letter from their Driving Instructor stating that the Learner Driver has been learning for six weeks or 100 hours and that they (the Instructor) believe that they are ready to take the test. Please note this letter is not required for Learner Drivers of motorcycles and scooters. If the Learner Driver is not able to produce these documents, the test will be postponed.

The public are thanked in advance for their cooperation.


3 November 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470
Email: communications@sainthelena.gov.sh