Report It, Sort It

The ‘Report It, Sort It’ initiative was launched by SHG on 20 July 2015. This scheme allows members of the public to report minor faults – things like problems with street lamps, roads or waste disposal – to a dedicated SHG service and a dedicated officer.

Members of the public can report problems with SHG’s services by:

What you can expect from us:

  • An acknowledgement from the ‘Report It, Sort It’ team within one working day
  • A unique ‘Report It’ ID number
  • A follow-up from the team to advise you of the action to be taken and timescales
  • Contact after the action has been completed
  • Confidentiality.

Please note: the ‘Report It, Sort It’ initiative does not replace emergency service numbers.


13 July 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470