Pollution Incident Training

The Safety, Security & Home Affairs and Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolios would like to remind the public of the free training offered in relation to the development of St Helena’s Pollution Incident Preparedness and Response.

Over the month of May, members of SHG and the NGO’s have received training in the use of marine pollution response equipment, and we are pleased to announce that a second package of training is planned for August this year.

Pollutants can be described as materials and substances that when released into the environment (land, water or air) can have a harmful effect to humans and or any other living organism.

Commercial businesses or organisations, whose operations in both marine and terrestrial environments use hazardous materials/substances, that could become pollutants, or those who are simply interested in being involved in response, regardless of background and experience, are encouraged to find out more using the below links:

Level 1: https://ambipar.com/uk/training/oil-spill-2/imo-1/

Level 2: https://ambipar.com/uk/training/oil-spill-2/imo-ii-2/

Level 3: https://ambipar.com/uk/training/oil-spill-2/imo-3/

The training package will be delivered at three different levels – 1, 2 and 3 with level 1 and 2 being practical based, and level 3 being more strategic based.

The Island’s preparedness and response is very much at infancy stage and this training will inform the approach and responsibilities required, and is a step towards establishing a robust system for tackling pollution incidents, and building resilience.

We hope as many people and businesses as possible can participate, and appeal to not only those who work in marine environments but also to the wider community.

For more information, please contact Emergency Planning Officer, Anél O’Bey, on tel: 25052 or via email: anel.obey@helanta.co.sh.

The training sessions are likely to take place over six working days.

Persons who are interested in participating must register their interest with Anel by Friday, 15 July 2022.

23 June 2022

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