Fibre Optic Cable Project Verification and Commissioning Document officially signed

L-R - Jerry Roberts, Marc Andre, and Lee Yon (IT Technician) standing outside the Cable Landing Station in Ruperts

SHG’s Chief Digital Officer, Jeremy (Jerry) Roberts, and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) Engineer, Marc Andre, recently signed the verification and commissioning document in regards to the Fibre Optic Cable Project.

During his time on-Island Marc ran all the optical and commissioning tests on St Helena’s branch of the Fibre Optic Cable, as well as the branches between Samba and Cape Town to test whether the line is actually capable of carrying traffic.

Jerry commented:

“From my perspective, signing the document was a great honour and huge achievement. It couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of the in-house SHG Team and those international entities who have travelled to the Island to assist with the project thus far. In addition, we look forward to the support of those respective organisations who still need to visit the Island to finalise the Project, which is scheduled for next year.”

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21 October 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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