Highways Authority And Environment & Natural Resources Committee Meetings

The monthly meetings of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee (ENRC) and the Highways Authority (HA) took place on Thursday, 15 July 2021.

Environment and Natural Resources Committee
CSSF (Conflict, Stability & Security Fund) Funding – Materials Recycling Facility at Horse Point Landfill Site update
The Environmental Risk Manager (ERM) informed members that with funding from CSSF, Waste Management Services (WMS) are procuring four compact balers for the compaction of aluminium drink cans (ADCs), steel cans, plastic and cardboard for recycling. Additional 3-phase outlets are being installed within the building to operate the new machines.
WMS will be working in partnership with ‘Yon’s ADC Recycling’, a company set up by Roddy Yon, in a joint venture with Christen Yon, who will collect and wash cans. The cans will then be compacted and baled ready to be sent to South Africa for recycling.
A Chipper is also being procured to supplement the composting chipper for green waste. This will increase compost production.
Olympic Wheelie Bins and boxes for recyclable waste are also being procured. This venture will be very beneficial to the Island.

Glutton Electric Urban Cleaner – Impending Improvement to Operations in Jamestown
A three-wheeled Electric Urban Cleaner has been procured by the Government Garage to improve cleaning operations of public areas in Jamestown. This electrically powered, single operator machine has a vacuum and jet wash system and can even charge the operators’ work mobile phone. The machine has a near silent operation and with a 240-litre receptacle can be used for a full day, cleaning all of Jamestown without creating a noise impact to residents and businesses.

Success with Compost from Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS)
The ERM reported that following publicity about availability of locally produced compost, 116 bags were sold. A new batch will be ready soon with approximately 100 bags pre-ordered. The compost is sieved before sale to provide a quality product. To speed up the sieving process a machine is being engineered by the Landfill Manager to sieve the compost using recycled materials found on site at HPLS.

Bottom Woods Comprehensive Development Area (CDA)
The Senior Design Draughtsman/Surveyor and the Crown Estates Officer provided a further update on the Bottom Woods CDA.
Two buildings have been completed, both of which have been designed for disabled tenants. Contracts for installation of services are to be advertised. Following the installation of services, the next steps will be the construction of two-storey flats. It is planned for Committee Members and all Elected Members to visit the site.
This was the last meeting of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee before Legislative Council was dissolved. The Chairman thanked everyone for their input over the last four years and gave his best wishes for the future.

Highways Authority
A letter of approval had been submitted to the Project Manager of the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP) for an alternative parking arrangement on Maldivia Road.

A Planning Application for a Bus Shelter at Red Hill, Levelwood, had been submitted to the Planning Department.

A Planning Application for the removal of a tree limb in front of the Canister was forwarded to the Land Development Control Authority (LDCA) on 4 August 2021.

A Business Case has been prepared regarding access to the Haul Road from Deadwood Road. A Planning Application will soon be submitted by the Technical Services team of the Infrastructure Section to the Planning Section.

The Roads Manager produced a map outlining a proposal for traffic management at Longwood Gate. Members agreed to this proposal and this information will be published via the Press Office, newspapers and Social Media. The Roads Manager will liaise with Police regarding the implementation of this proposal.

This was the last meeting of the Highways Authority before Legislative Council was dissolved

13 August 2021

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