Social & Community Development Committee Meeting Summary – Wednesday, 10 March 2021

The Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) monthly meeting took place on Wednesday, 10 March 2021.

The Acting Chief of Police presented Quarter 3 (October – December 2020) Police Performance Report and an update on Risks. The report rated performance measures against strategic objectives and overall was deemed satisfactory. No issues of major concern were identified.

An overview of a supplemental note to last year’s initial review of the Elections Ordinance was provided to the Committee. This supplemental note included considerations on international observance of elections, whether those with Saint Status should be allowed to vote and whether the Register of Electors should, or could, remain open for new additions or corrections immediately after a writ of election is issued. The detail of these additional considerations will take place at a special SCDC meeting later this month.

An updated draft Archives Lending Policy to strengthen its provisions is still awaited. The draft Policy was previously discussed in Committee and by Executive Council.

Work is ongoing to progress the Immigration Policy with the aim that the draft Policy and proposed legislation will be ready for consideration in the next three months. A summary report of the Public Consultation held on the draft Immigration Policy in November and December 2020 can be found on the SHG Website via:

Updates from the Children and Adults Social Care Directorate (now known as the Social Care Directorate under the Health and Social Care Portfolio) included:

  • The Directorate continues to run at capacity in terms of residential and supported accommodation across the Island with the exception of the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC), where there are three vacant placements.
  • Due to the high dependency needs of service users admitted to the CCC in recent weeks, it is not anticipated filling the vacant placements in quick succession. Since meeting with the SCDC, all three vacant placements have been filled, but on a phased basis.
  • To provide a safe and quality service, there are ongoing challenges to raise standards and practice across our services including through better equipment and resources such as pressure relieving mattresses, mobility aids, adaptions, seating, staffing levels and upskilling staff through training and development.
  • Work is underway to install a new call system at Cape Villa which will improve all-round safety.

The Better Living Allowance (BLA) Policy has been updated and recipients will now be reviewed under the revised Policy. Each case will be reviewed taking into account a number of factors and in accordance with assessed/changing needs. Each recipient of BLA will receive a letter about the review.

The allocation of Welfare Assistance has also been reviewed, therefore all recipients of Welfare Assistance will now be informed that a) the directorate maintains ownership of items purchased, and b) the directorate has the right to reclaim the goods. The criteria for reclaiming goods is clearly set out in a letter which will be issued to recipients in due course.

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7 April 2021

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