Finance Committee Meeting – Wednesday, 28 April 2021

  • The Finance Committee met on Wednesday, 28 April 2021
  • Preliminary Budget Execution Report and Fees and Charges reviews discussed
  • Committee advised of NGOs that have received grant funding from SHG

A meeting of the Finance Committee took place on Wednesday, 28April 2021. 

The Open Session agenda dealt with confirmation of minutes from the Open Session meeting held on 31March 2021, the matters arising from that meeting and the preliminary Budget Execution Report for period 12, March 2021.

In presenting the preliminary Budget Execution Report for period 12, the Deputy Financial Secretary explained that an overall budget surplus of £2m was indicated, which was approximately £900k more than forecast at the end of period 11, February 2021.  The main areas of significant underspend included the Health Directorate overseas medical referral budget and the TC budget. 

There was an over collection of revenue in customs duties, due to a delivery of fuel at the end of March which had not been anticipated until April 2021, and under collection in revenue in the Children and Adults Social Care Directorate of £54k, as a result of fewer individuals than anticipated being eligible to pay for care services; the St Helena Airport revenues were less than anticipated due to the significant reduction in flights during 2020/21.  The Deputy Financial Secretary explained that there might be further changes to the final outturn position as year-end procedures and amendments are finalised.

Reporting back on actions from previous meetings, the Deputy Financial Secretary provided details of fees and charges that had been reviewed by Directorates during the 2021/22 – 2022/23 MTEF process, highlighting that the majority of reviews had been completed. 

Details were also provided by the Deputy Financial Secretary of Non-Government Organisations which had received grant funding from SHG from 2016/17 to date, demonstrating where some grants which had been awarded had increased or decreased over the years.  These organisations were:

  • Creative St Helena
  • New Horizons
  • Saint Helena National Trust
  • Community Development Organisation
  • St Helena Heritage Society
  • Disabled Persons Aid Society
  • Contribution towards the Upkeep of St Paul’s Cemetery
  • Community Grant Scheme

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