ExCo Approves Merchant Shipping Regulations 2021

Executive Council (ExCo) has this week approved the following Regulations to underpin the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2021, which was passed by Legislative Council in January 2021, and will be brought into force shortly: 

  • Merchant Shipping (Safety and Health) (Load Lines) Regulations 2021
  • Merchant Shipping (Safety of Navigation) Regulations 2021
  • Merchant Shipping (Accident and Investigation) Regulations 2021
  • Merchant Shipping (Safety of Life at Sea) Regulations 2021.

The Merchant Shipping Ordinance and accompanying Regulations will provide a framework, within our local law, for the modern regulation of merchant shipping.

Members noted that the upcoming audit of the UK Government (between 14 and 28 October) by the International Maritime Organisation will also cover compliance in the UK Overseas Territories to the extent that the Overseas Territories have international obligations extended to them. For St Helena that will include compliance with three of the six core III Code conventions:

  • The International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea 1974
  • The Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972
  • The International Convention on Load Lines.

It was recognised that these Regulations seek to deliver the requirements of these three international conventions into our domestic legislation.

Members agreed that the Regulations supported the principal ordinance and provides for safety of life at sea. It is a credit to St Helena that we are complying with UK Regulations and are supporting the UK Government in honouring their obligations.

Executive Council thanked those involved in putting together the Regulations which is an impressive piece of work and has brought us to a point where we can meet the obligations and requirements.

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8 October 2021

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