David Clarke Gains St Helena Qualified Teacher Status

Acting Head of Mathematics at Prince Andrew School (PAS), David Clarke BSc (Hons), iPGCE, has recently gained St Helena Qualified Teacher status.

David commented:

“Gaining St Helena Qualified Teacher Status involved collecting an evidence portfolio that demonstrated I met all of the Teaching Standards. In addition, I was required to undertake an interview based on Effective Teaching and Learning. I am pleased that after my presentation and responses in the Professional Development Interview I was awarded St Helena Qualified Teacher Status with a rating of Exceptional as of 15 October 2021.

“I now look forward to continuing to provide quality teaching to my students and progressing in my career. I thank my mentors and colleagues involved in this process.”

Portfolio Director of Education, Skills & Employment, Wendy Benjamin, added:

“David presented well and showed that he has the knowledge and skills to be worthy of this award. I look forward to seeing how David continues to advance in his teaching career and develop in his role as a Maths Teacher in PAS.”

Congratulations are extended to David!

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23 November 2021

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