Candice Thomas Successfully Completes Cambridge (Level 4) Teaching & Learning Course

Harford Primary School’s Reception Teacher, Candice Thomas, has successfully completed her Cambridge (Level 4) Teaching & Learning course following a year of study.

The course was studied via distance learning with support from on-Island mentor, Robyn Sim.

Candice commented:

“I am very pleased to have completed this course, which will enable me to put into practice in my classroom all I have learnt throughout the course. It was not easy having to study via distance learning but having completed it now, I can say it is very rewarding. I would like to thank all colleagues, family and friends who have supported me throughout my study, special thanks to my mentor, Miss Robyn Sim, who helped tremendously.”

Portfolio Director of Education, Skills & Employment, Wendy Benjamin, added:

“Well done to Candice for this achievement! I look forward to seeing Candice take the next step in her career path and work towards gaining the Diploma in Teaching and Learning to grow and learn as a teacher!”

Congratulations are extended to Candice!

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23 November 2021

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