Arriving Passenger Tests Positive for COVID-19


The Health Directorate has received confirmation that a passenger who arrived on the chartered flight from Stansted on Wednesday, 24 March, has tested positive for COVID-19 on arrival. 

The passenger is asymptomatic (displays or suffers from no symptoms). The Senior Medical Officer has assessed the passenger as well as thoroughly discussed the protocols in place. The passenger is aware of what is expected of them during their quarantine period and is co-operating fully. 

The passenger is now within home quarantine as permitted under the COVID-19 Home Quarantine Policy which states that ‘if a passenger tests positive for COVID-19 on arrival, this information is conveyed to the Senior Medical Officer to assess the passenger and the severity of the case. For example, asymptomatic or mild cases can be managed in home quarantine with additional measures’. The passenger will not require any drop-offs during home quarantine, therefore there is no risk of contact with any members of the community.  

The overall assessment concludes that the passenger presents a very low risk to the community and will remain in home quarantine and be monitored. As part of this monitoring, the passenger will be retested after 48hours and will be further assessed following this retest.

The process of contact tracing was conducted and six persons, who also arrived on the flight, were identified as potential contacts. Due to the responsible conduct of the individuals – including the use of PPE, safety procedures aboard the flight, and procedures for arrival to St Helena Airport – these persons have been assessed as low risk. The individuals have been approached by officials regarding the possible contact and have been provided advice on managing their quarantine period.

Overall, the risk to the community is low and this is being managed through the application of the Standard Operating Procedures for testing and quarantine.

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26 March 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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