St Helena Weekly Police Report

WEEK OF 24-30 AUGUST 2020

During the week of Monday, 24, to Sunday, 30 August 2020, Police dealt with a total of 49 reports, resulting in three arrests. 

A report of harassment, alarm, or distress was made with one person subsequently arrested due to the nature of the harassment.

A report of theft was made and is being investigated. It is disappointing that vulnerable people in the community are being taken advantage of.  Stealing from anyone is unacceptable and once again the community is reminded to secure your valuables and lock your home and car doors. Always check that things are as you left them upon your return.

A report of sexual assault was made and is being investigated. No one has the right to assault anyone, regardless of age or gender. Should this happen to you, please come forward immediately. Police will not tolerate this behaviour and neither should you.

A concern for child safety was reported on two occasions. The child was found safe and returned to their residence.

A concern for public safety was reported whereby trees in the Castle Gardens posed a threat to the public. The Agriculture & Natural Resources Division was contacted and have dealt with the matter.

A report of a possible threat to life was made which required a multi-agency approach. A supporting mechanism is now in place for the individual.

A report of a ‘hit and run’ was made with one person being arrested for the offences of driving whilst over the prescribed limit as well as failing to stop. This matter is still under investigation.

A report of nuisance telephone calls was made. It was discovered that the responsible person had breached their previous bail conditions and was therefore arrested.

Reports of parking obstructions were reported in Lower Jamestown as well as at the General Hospital and were dealt with. Drivers are again asked to be considerate when parking.

A report of verbal abuse was made in a close knit area. This is being investigated, with a person having been interviewed for this behaviour.

Two reports of a fire were made to the Police. The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service was called and dealt with both incidents safely.

A report of trespassing was made with advice being given to the person responsible with no further action taken.

One report was made of a person being drunk in a public place. Police attended and dealt with the incident.

Police are carrying out regular patrols in the Castle Gardens area as well as other Jamestown areas following reports of underage drinking and littering. Underage drinking is an ongoing concern for us and we are working with other agencies to try and educate our young people as well as raise awareness Island-wide.

A Social Media  post concerning littering can be seen on our Police Directorate Facebook page.

Further reports of graffiti were made and is being investigated. Should anyone have any information pertaining to the defacing of private and public properties please contact us.

Other duties during the week included the deployment of Police during the St Helena Commercial Fishermen’s Association petition handover, assisting with traffic during a funeral, and the issuing of four court summons.

Due to poor weather conditions during the week, there was a lot of debris on Island roads. Road users are advised to always drive and walk with caution. Please inform the Police if there is a road safety concern.

This week was the final week of the Police ‘Booze It, You Lose It’ Drink-Drive Awareness Campaign (see Press Release issued on Wednesday, 2 September).

The events held over the public holiday weekend made for a busy time for the St Helena Police Service, however, it ended without incident, and the community spirit surrounding these events was very pleasing and inspiring.

It is hoped that the community will support each other in times of need, such as during reported crimes. Police do not have unlimited resources and therefore members of the public are relied upon to help with a lot of investigations. Numerous times when people are asked for information or help, the comments are that they do not want to get involved. This is unfortunate. Together, the Police with the St Helena community, can prevent and detect crime and prosecute offenders against the peace in order to keep the community safe.

Should you have a report please call Police Headquarters on tel: 22626. Controllers will take your report details and make an assessment, which will then be followed up by a Police Officer. Details are pertinent, therefore please be patient and understanding when you are asked for

Until next week – Stay Safe!

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4 September 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470