Emergency Tree Felling Works, The Moat, Jamestown

Following an incident that occurred on Thursday, 6 February 2020, where a limb fell from a tree in the Moat, Jamestown, collaborative working between the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD), Crown Estates and the Planning section has resulted in a thorough assessment of the trees and surrounding area – concluding that extensive works are now required to reduce the risk present to the community.

It was found that there are a significant number of dead, dry and diseased limbs within the spread of the tree canopies, as well as three trees in which the overall tree structures were found to be compromised.

While the majority of tree surgery works will be undertaken during the cooler, winter months of the year, those trees that pose a significant risk to life and or property will be removed with effect from tomorrow, Tuesday, 11, through to Thursday, 13 February 2020. In addition, two limbs will also be removed from trees near the Arch and San Rays Bistro at this stage to ensure community health and property is protected.

The public should be aware that visually, significant changes are to be expected in this area following these works, however ANRD advises the public that all works will be undertaken sensitively and in consultation with relevant persons to protect the overall health of these trees and to ensure the survival of seabird hatchlings /fledglings currently nesting in this area.

The public is reminded that the car parks from the Arch through to Donny’s Place will remain closed during the time that tree felling/surgery works are being undertaken. Any persons needing access to Donny’s and beyond are asked to exercise caution when travelling in this area and to adhere to any instructions given on site.

Removal of Shrubs, Castle Gardens

The public is advised that following a request from private residential landowners, works to remove all shrubs and green material will be undertaken in the Castle Gardens, starting from the ANRD Contractors building through to New Porteous House.

This removal has become necessary to allow the landowners to facilitate required works on adjacent private residential buildings.

It should be noted that these works will have a significant visual impact to users of the Castle Gardens, however despite seeking approval for a planned phased approach to the removal works, this is not a practical option at this time.


10 February 2020

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