Waste Management Services Update

Please DO NOT Use This Bin

Waste Management Services (WMS) are working in partnership with the Health Directorate to provide those persons required to self-isolate in their homes with a temporary additional bin to meet their waste management needs. These bins will predominantly be used by self-isolating persons who ordinarily share a communal bin. These light grey wheelie bins will have a ‘Please Do Not Use This Bin’ sign attached (as pictured).

The Health Directorate has affirmed that the waste being placed in the bins used by persons self-isolating is safe for handling due to the process undertaken by these persons before depositing into the bin. This waste will therefore continue to be co-collected and disposed of with the normal commercial/domestic waste collection service. The sign on the bin is just an extra precautionary measure as it is known that the public occasionally use household/business bins for depositing their litter.

All light grey bins are appropriately sanitised following use and before re-distribution.

Members of the public required to self-isolate and who require an additional wheelie bin are requested to contact Kate Heneghan on tel: 22500 or via email: kate.heneghan@sainthelena.gov.sh. For any other waste management information, please contact Mike Durnford on tel: 24724 or via email: mike.durnford@sainthelena.gov.sh.

1 April 2020

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