St Helena Weekly Police Report – 28 September – 4 October 2020

During the week of Monday, 28 September, to Sunday, 4 October 2020, Police dealt with a total of 35 reports. There were no arrests during this period.

A search warrant was executed whereby a small amount of cannabis was seized. This resulted in a person being interviewed and given a Police caution.

There were four reports of road traffic collisions, three of which resulted in no further Police action and one is currently being investigated.

A report of dangerous cycling was made and is being investigated.

A report of harassment was made and dealt with.

The Sea Rescue team returned a boat to the moorings after they found it adrift. The owner later reported that the boat was damaged. It appears that this was a malicious act, which is now under investigation. Although the owner had done everything they could to secure their boat, all boat owners are advised to have their vessels securely tied with a primary and secondary line and to different fixings on the vessel (making it 100% resilient) and check the vessel as often as possible. Boats are the lifeline to many fishermen and damage or destruction could be detrimental to their livelihoods. Furthermore, should anyone have any information concerning damages to boats or any suspicious activity taking place around the moorings please contact St Helena Police.

A report of cows roaming on the highway was made and dealt with. Owners are reminded that cattle wandering unattended on the highway is an offence which could result in a fine.

Police assistance was requested for a traffic concern which was safely dealt with.

A report of a nuisance call was made, whereby advice was given to the caller informing them that should their behaviour continue further action could be taken.

An official request for the Coroner’s Office was made and dealt with.

Six summons were served, community engagement was carried out and parking in Jamestown was monitored during the busy periods.

Should you have a report, please call Police Headquarters on tel: 22626. Controllers will take your report details and make an assessment, which will then be followed up by a Police Officer. Details are pertinent, therefore please be patient and understanding when you are asked for information.

Until next week – Stay Safe!

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6 October 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470