Jean Beadon Art Competition

Gabrielle Fowler from Harford Primary School is the proud winner of the 2020 Jean Beadon Art Competition.

In second place was Ana-Lucia Roberts from Harford Primary School and Sitthipon Sawangwong from St Paul’s Primary School taking third place.

The following pupils’ work was Highly Commended:

St Paul’s Primary SchoolJoey Crowie
Harford Primary SchoolLondon Franconi and Annamaria Lofino
Pilling Primary SchoolAlexi Benjamin

Director of Education, Wendy Benjamin, commented:

“The late Jean Beadon, a lady with a passion for art, lived on St Helena many years ago. She wanted to encourage children to develop their art skills, so she set up a Trust that would sponsor a Jean Beadon Art Competition every year. All Year 6 pupils in the Island’s three Primary Schools worked towards the Jean Beadon Art Competition during their Art lessons.”

Competition winner, Gabrielle, said:

“I was amazed and felt so excited when I heard that I had won the Jean Beadon Art Competition.

“The teacher helped me with my techniques and most of my ideas came from experimenting, in school and at home, with different media.”

Harford Primary School Art Teacher, Lisa Joshua, concluded:

“This was such a proud moment for Gabrielle, Ana-Lucia, myself and the school as the children have all worked so hard towards the competition. It was definitely a challenge for me as it was my first time teaching the Jean Beadon art, but I was so pleased to see the skills and techniques, taught by the teachers, being put into practice. Both Gabrielle and Ana showed great passion in their art and spent many hours critiquing and perfecting their artwork. They are both extremely talented artists who I would purchase work from any day.”

An exhibition, displaying artwork from the 2020 Jean Beadon Art Competition, is now open at the Museum of Saint Helena. Members of the public are welcome to view the exhibition.

All pupils and their teachers are congratulated for their achievements in the 2020 Jean Beadon Art Competition.

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20 August 2020

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