UK Trainers deliver self-defence training to HM Prison staff

The management at HM Prison Jamestown is delighted to welcome two trainers – Colin Moore and Martin Hamilton (see photo attached) – from the UK Prison Service to develop and deliver a type of self-defence and safe restraint training programme for local Prison staff. The training will continue up until Friday, 28 June 2019.

Prison Manager, Heidi Murray, said:

“Whilst violent incidents are extremely low within the Prison here on St Helena, in such a confined and restricted area, things can sometimes occur without warning, and can escalate extremely quickly.  As a responsible employer, SHG has a duty of care to its staff, and to prisoners in our care. It is a requirement for those trained as instructors to renew their training annually, and having this expertise on-Island will allow them to sustainably train all prison service staff, police officers and other SHG frontline departments.”

Martin added:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for both myself and Colin to assist in the development of the skills of the dedicated staff of HMP Jamestown.”

The programme was agreed with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through the Conflict Stability and Security Fund.

Heidi would like to express her sincere thanks to Colin, Martin and their managers in the UK for giving up their time to help in delivering this training programme.

Notes to Editors

Colin Moore has been working in the UK Prison Service for 30 years.  For 25 of these years he has been a Use of Force (the system adopted by the UK for dealing with non-compliant and refractory prisoners) Instructor, delivering training and support all over the UK and overseas.  For the past 13 years he has been part of the National Tactical Response Group, who is the Prison Service’s advanced team specialising in all aspects of Use of Force. Colin has worked in numerous Prisons within the UK.

Martin Hamilton has 17 years’ experience working within the UK Prison Service and has worked in numerous establishments.  He has been teaching Use of Force for 13 years, and for the last 10 years, has been involved in delivering all aspects of Use of Force to the UK Prison Service, and other Justice Sector Agencies. 

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25 June 2019

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