Jordan Clingham Achieves First Class Honours In Computer Engineering

Jordan Clingham of Levelwood has successfully graduated having achieved a First Class Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Engineering following three years of study at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

Jordan said:

“Overall it has been a great three years studying at university, an excellent experience where I have met and made friendships with people all over the world as well as learned and practiced new skills and hobbies.”

Jordan’s units included Artificial Intelligence, an Individual Project, Network Security and Reliability, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Tutorial Y3, and VHDL & FPGA Systems.

For his final year project, Jordan designed and constructed a walking insect-like robot with survival features as part of his research on walking robots. The main goal of the project was to prototype and explore the uses of swarming robots for minesweeping and search & rescue.

Jordan commented:

“This project was a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My supervisor actually kept my robot so that he could show and demonstrate it when on school trips and to visitors during university open days.”

Alongside studying, Jordan was also chosen to be a member of a small group of students employed by the university to mentor and assist other students with their projects. He took on this role and helped first and second year students in their digital lab lessons.

Jordan also joined the newly formed Society of Electrical Engineers and had the opportunity to network with other people in the technology field and volunteer at events, most notably the Hack Pompey event – a weekend where students and the public get together to build projects.

On the event, Jordan said:

“I helped the organisers run the event smoothly and offered help and advice. It was very enjoyable and really strengthened my communication skills and encouraged me to try and inspire people to get into electronics and IT.”

During his time in university, Jordan also took part in the Undergraduate Leadership Programme, provided by the Royal Navy. The program stood to strengthen teamwork and leadership skills and involved a variety of activities both on campus and on the Navy Base.

Jordan said about the programme:

“It was very fun. I met other aspiring young people and had an amazing experience that very few get the chance to have. I don’t regret signing up for the programme and am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Alongside all of this, Jordan also found the time to take up a new hobby having joined the Climbing and Mountaineering Society and gone on many socials and climbing trips.

Jordan concluded:

“Overall, university has been an excellent experience and I feel I’ve had the right balance between studying and doing other activities. I hope many other Saints will be able to do the same and have their own university and life adventures. Thank you greatly to everyone involved in making this amazing experience a possibility for me.”

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18 July 2019

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