Economic Development Committee Meeting – Thursday 27 June 2019


The monthly meeting of the Economic Development Committee took place on Thursday, 27 June 2019.

Senior Veterinary Officer, Joe Hollins, provided an update to members on progress with the imports of day-old chicks for the purpose of replenishing the Island’s stock of egg layers. He advised that of the 3000 chicks imported thus far, the Island’s egg-producing enterprises and smallholders are providing eggs from the first 2000 and the last batch of 1000 are just beginning to come into lay.

A further batch of 1000 chicks will be imported in August to meet the remaining demand from poultry producers. Thereafter, it is planned for the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD) to import additional batches of day-old chicks annually at planned intervals to keep the Island near self-sufficient for eggs.

Members were advised that a review of policy for the use and management of the SHG Agricultural Estate has been undertaken by ANRD. The key issues and recommendations arising from the review are being consulted on with agricultural producers via the Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Group.

The Committee discussed the need to be ‘cable-ready’ in advance of the fibre optic cable landing. In order to continue the work plan beyond complying with the European Development Fund (EDF) milestones, it was agreed for some public consultation to be undertaken to understand what the public’s expectations of life post-cable would be. Under the heading ‘realising the benefits of the digital strategy’ a workshop would be organised on Wednesday, 3 July, at the Museum alongside an online questionnaire available via: The aim of this exercise would be to develop a vision of what the essential outcomes, following the cable landing, will be.

Enterprise St Helena (ESH) gave a brief update on the report presented for May 2019, during which it was noted that the refurbishment work to the Canister had progressed well and that the Tourism Office has now reopened as a result. It was noted that further work was due to be undertaken to pavements at the rear of the building, which would include establishing disabled access. It was also noted that the ‘Flash Sale’ on flights, alongside local accommodation discounts, appeared to be generating a positive response with 40 bookings made within a week of this offer being announced. Work continues on the Investor Prospectus, and also the review of ESH’s Grants Policy. The Island was also being promoted at Experience Africa in London.

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4 July 2019

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