The Highways Authority has given approval to pilot a new zebra crossing on the road adjacent to the Canister in Jamestown.

A zebra crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing (photo attached) used in many places around the world. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, resembling that of a zebra. A zebra crossing typically gives priority to rights of way to pedestrians.

These road markings not only control traffic by giving orders, they also warn you as a driver that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road.

Zebra crossings are fairly new on St Helena and the following advice is provided to both drivers and pedestrians on what to expect when approaching a zebra crossing:

  • Drivers approaching a zebra crossing should look out for pedestrians waiting to cross from either side of the road (particularly children, the elderly, the disabled and people with children). Be ready to slow down or stop at the ‘give way’ point (broken white lines across the road) to let them cross. Zig Zag markings and a ‘Slow’ sign will be painted on the road to warn drivers that they are approaching a zebra crossing (see diagram here: Zebra Crossing Road Markings)  
  • Drivers must give way to anyone who has stepped on to the crossing. Signal to others that you intend to slow down or stop. Do not signal pedestrians to cross, as another vehicle may be approaching
  • Drivers must not stop on a zebra crossing. On approaching the zebra crossing you must not overtake the moving vehicle nearest to the crossing or the leading vehicle that has stopped to give way to the pedestrian on the crossing
  • Even when there are no zig zag markings you must not park, load or unload goods or passengers, or overtake just before a zebra crossing
  • In traffic queues, leave the zebra crossing clear. Do not stop on the black/white lines of the zebra crossing but stop at the ‘give way’ point (broken white lines across the road
  • Pedestrians should follow the basic road crossing motto ‘Look left, look right and look left again’ before attempting to cross the zebra crossing

This is a pilot scheme and limited signage will be put in place at this moment. The advice to all pedestrians and vehicle operators is to approach this zebra crossing with great care.

Line painting works will be carried out on Wednesday, 13 June 2018, and a separate press release detailing closing times and diversion routes will be issued shortly.

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7 June 2018





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