St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held in September which were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts included:

Half Tree Hollow

Water from a property is leaking onto a private premise and causing damage. This issue has been going on for a very long time and it was felt that no one is listening.

Councillor Russell Yon was contacted and informed about this matter. Councillor Yon confirmed that he is aware and is currently working with the concerned person to solve the problem.

A bush is obstructing the view of the junction at the end of the road near the Log House at Half Way. Members of the public felt that drivers have to be more cautious as they must drive out further into the road to check for oncoming traffic. This was deemed as dangerous as there are times when vehicles speed past this area.

A report was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who confirmed that the Roads Section is looking to sort this matter in due course.

Drivers speed past Half Way all day but mostly on weekends. 

Police would like to remind the public that the speed limit for Half Way is 30mph. Based on the information received that drivers are driving in access of the speed limit, Police Officers will patrol this area more frequently and anyone found speeding will be dealt with appropriately.

Thompsons Hill

A concern was raised from an elderly resident about the overgrown road sides and how untidy it was. 

The Roads Section were contacted and informed Police that they would clean the road leading to Myrtle Grove as that is as far as it goes under St Helena Government (SHG). Any overgrown vegetation beyond this point is on private property.


There is no railing going down the ‘Run’ which is dangerous especially to children.                                                                                                                         

The window handles in Harris Flats are a safety concern.                                                 

There is a lot of debris on the road in front of Parish Block and Harris Flats from the Brow to Connect Saint Helena Ltd which needs to be cleaned as it is a hazard to children’s safety as vehicles are driving too close to the wall to go around the debris.

The Parish Block building and surrounding grounds urgently need to be made safer for children.

The above concerns were sent to ‘Report It, Sorted It’ who informed that the matter will be addressed by Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) in due course.

Alarm Forest

A vehicle canopy was left lying near the bus shelter and has been there for over a month.

Police carried out enquiries to ascertain who the canopy is owned by. However, no information has come to light. Enquiries into this matter are on-going.


There is a dog that is not under the proper control.

The owner was seen and dealt with accordingly.


A few months ago, a concerned worker from Barn View addressed the issue of the large pot holes in front of Barn View House which is a danger to both the staff and clients.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who confirmed that the current clients from Barn View moved back to the Community Care Centre (CCC) in August 2018. Since no-one will be living in Barn View, this problem will be addressed at a later date, pending budget provisions.

Sandy Bay

Concerns have been raised regarding the main road leading towards Bamboo Hedge. This road has had barricades up for over three weeks now and nothing is being done to fix the road. It is a hazard to road users as it is on a bend. It was also noted that the same road can be made wider and some of the large tree roots removed.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who confirmed that the section of road referred to is still being monitored. Traffic can past without trouble as a survey was done before the barrier was installed. Plans are in place for repairs to be done to this road.


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3 October 2018

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