The Statistics Office has released new monthly estimates of the number of arrivals and departures to and from St Helena, with a focus on the period since the start of scheduled air operations in October 2017. Some highlights include:

  • During the five-month period between October 2017 and February 2018, there were very high numbers of total arrivals – 2,908, more than a thousand higher than in the same period in 2016/17. This period represents the historical peak season for arrivals to St Helena, when many Saint Helenians visit family and friends for Christmas and when weather conditions are favourable. Additionally, both the newly scheduled weekly Airlink air service to Johannesburg and the three-weekly RMS St Helena shipping service to Cape Town were operational, almost doubling the total passenger arrival capacity compared to either the shipping or air service alone
  • Most passengers arrived by air, some 1,417; this is 50 arrivals higher than the number arriving by sea, on the RMS St Helena, during the same period in the previous year (1,367), or an average of 10 arrivals more per month. Of those passengers arriving by air, 42% came to St Helena for tourism or a holiday, and of those there were twice many arriving per month in December, January and February compared to October and November
  • Around a quarter of tourists arriving by air were British, with 22% South African, 19% St Helenian, 6% French, and 15% from elsewhere in Europe. The most common age group was 40-59 (41%), with a further third 60 and over. Only 6% of tourists were under 20 

Arrivals per month, by air and RMS St Helena, 2015-18








These new estimates are based on immigration records from the Immigration Section of the Police Directorate. All arrivals by air and sea are included, except very short- term day visitors arriving on cruise ships. They provide a detailed monthly breakdown, including by mode of transport, purpose of entry, age, sex, and nationality. Full details are available in a Statistical Bulletin (please see attached); comments and suggestions are very welcome, and the dataset will be updated each month. The full data file includes historical estimates from 2010 onwards, and is available from the Statistics Office website:

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26 March 2018

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