Governor Lisa Phillips and Councillors Lawson Henry and Derek Thomas will form part of the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council (OT JMC) in London from 28-29 November 2017.

The annual OT JMC brings together political leaders from the OTs and UK Ministers.

The JMC will be discussing a range of topics over the two days including Climate Change & Environment, Tax Transparency, UK Programme Support for OTs, Child Safeguarding, and Health.

On Wednesday, 29 November, the UK-OT JMC on Europe Negotiations will take place where discussions will be held on EU funding.

Councillors Henry and Thomas said:

“We are really looking forward to attending this year’s OT JMC. It will offer an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to St Helena and the challenges we face, particularly with our Capital Programme Funding. We are also hoping that our relationship with the British Government can be strengthened with a view to developing our partnership approach for the benefit of the OTs.”

The JMC is the principle forum for reviewing and implementing the shared strategy for promoting the security and good governance of the OTs and their sustainable economic and social development.

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24 November 2017

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