Gavin ‘Jack’ Thomas (photo attached), has recently joined the Safeguarding Directorate in a Quality Assurance & Policy role focusing on Adult Community & Residential Services. Jack is employed on a 10-month contract.

Jack has a professional background of working in residential services in the UK. He has also worked for several inspection and regulatory bodies including a local authority, the National Care Standards Commission, and Commission for Social Care Inspection.  For the last ten years, Jack has worked for Ofsted, which is the Government regulatory body for Education, Skills and Care. Jack anticipates returning to his substantive role with Ofsted as a Compliance, Investigation and Enforcement Inspector.

Director of Safeguarding, Matt Ansell, said:

“A key part of being an Ofsted Inspector is knowing what ‘good services’ look like, so Jack’s  background and experiences will be a huge asset for the Directorate and the ongoing development of the services and support offered to people on St Helena.

 “From my perspective, having someone with Jack’s professional experience and knowledge alongside the fact that he is from St Helena is a perfect balance. Jack and I have been discussing the potential for him coming to St Helena to work with the directorate for a while and I am really pleased that we have someone with the regulatory experience from Ofsted to work alongside the staff and managers to ensure we have safe and sustainable services.”

Jack commented:

“It is a privilege returning to St Helena in a professional capacity. I am looking forward to supporting the Safeguarding Directorate in achieving its vision and objectives for some of St Helena’s most vulnerable people.”

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6 December 2017

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