A Service of Remembrance for Police Constable Leonard Coleman will be held at St James’ Church, Jamestown, on Friday 2 December 2016 at 10am.

Police Constable Lenny Coleman, aged just 21, was killed in the line of duty on 2 December 1982, having suffered a gunshot wound during the course of a domestic incident.

A Service of Remembrance has been held each year at the Police Station for Constable Coleman. This is the first year when the Service will be held at St James’ Church. Members of Constable Coleman’s family will be in attendance, joined by colleagues who knew and worked with Lenny.

Police Constable Coleman’s death had a significant impact on the local community and on the Police Service. This is still felt today. Members of Lenny’s family still work within the Police Directorate as do Police Officers who were on duty on the night he died.

The public is welcome to attend this Service at St James’ Church on Friday at 10am.


28 November 2016


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