The Police Directorate falls under the umbrella of the Island’s Governor. Its Director is supported by a staff compliment of 63 made up of local and expatriate police officers, prison officers, fire and sea rescue officers, immigration officers and administrative staff. There is also a small police detachment of up to six officers operating on Ascension Island.

The Directorate’s principal responsibility is to protect and preserve life and property and promote a safe and secure environment. To achieve this we take positive action to build public confidence in our service, reduce crime and work with others to improve public safety and to develop emergency services and disaster management capability.

Key services provided by the Police Directorate are:

  • Delivering advice, guidance and action on all police related issues
  • Responding to all fire and sea rescue incidents
  • Processing all matters relating to immigration and emigration i.e issuing of passports, processing visas, boarding ships and yachts for immigration formalities, processing applications for British Overseas Territories Citizenship
  • Providing prison and probation facilities for prisoners and young persons as appropriate
  • Delivering rehabilitation programmes for offenders
  • Vehicle testing and certification of road worthiness of all government vehicles