Per Mikael Olsson (Mike Olsson) of Livery Stables, Jamestown, has been duly elected to serve as a Member of the St Helena Legislative Council.

Returning Officer Gillian Francis, last night announced the results of the Polls for the Bye-Election held yesterday, Wednesday 23 March 2016.

The total number of votes cast for each candidate was:

• Per Mikael Olsson 214
• Lionel George Williams 104

The Count took place from 8pm to just after 8.45pm last night.

In total 318 people cast valid votes. This represents approximately 14.6% of those eligible to vote on St Helena.

There were 8 invalid Ballot Papers.

Compared to the Bye-Election in 2015, yesterday’s Bye-Election saw a drop of around 5% in the numbers who voted.

24 March 2016

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