St Helena Government has launched a dedicated web page on the SHG website to help and guide customers through the complaints procedure process – available at:

However, customers who cannot access the internet to make a complaint or provide feedback they receive from St Helena Government can obtain leaflets from the Customer Service Centre, and help also is also available from SHG reception areas or Council Members.

SHG is committed to providing a high quality service but this can only be achieved through customer feedback.

SHG will listen and respond to any comments received. SHG aims to:

• allow complaints to be made as easily as possible

• treat all complaints seriously

• deal with a complaint promptly and politely

• respond in the right way – for example, with an explanation or an apology where the organisation got things wrong and provide feedback on any action taken

• learn from complaints and use them to improve its services Customers have the right of confidentiality as well as the right to be kept informed of progress and outcomes. An SHG employee can use the complaints procedure to make a complaint about a service received as a member of the public but cannot use it to make a work-related complaint. All complaints forms should be submitted to Mrs Carol George, Corporate Services Executive Manager, 1 Main Street or via email address


6 September 2013

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