Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS)

The site is located in the north eastern corner of the island in excess of 500m from residential development. HPLS is located in the north eastern corner of the island, at grid reference 15.3592S, 05.4040W.

HPLS provides St Helena’s waste management facility. Given the remote nature of the island, its limited economy and lack of international hazardous waste agreements the site comprises historical uncontained landfilling of all materials. Preparations for airport certification enabled the re-development of the landfill site so that a degree of waste segregation is now achieved, notably separation of:

· Domestic waste into a netted, un-engineered, waste cell;

· Bulky waste into an un-engineered un-netted cell;

· Green waste into a separate stockpile;

· Hazardous waste into an engineered hazardous waste cell; and

· Thermal treatment of select biosecurity, medical and hazardous wastes in a Macrotec V70B incinerator.

In addition, a Public Recycling Facility (PRF) is provided, resulting in a reduction in the need for public access to the wider site. Progress has been made in a waste recycling programme to enable some of the more significant waste streams to be processed e.g. glass and aluminium drink cans.

The Horse Point landfill site is open to the public seven days a week, with staff operating at the site during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. The Public Recycling Facility is also open seven days a week. HPLS also has local compost for sale, click on the link for further details.

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