Every year WMS endeavor to undertake projects in line with their Mission Statement; working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena. Delivery of projects contributes towards Goal 4 of the Waste Management Implementation Plan; Design and develop environmentally sustainable waste management projects that improve the quality of island life.

Landscape Bulky Waste Disposal

Historical bulky waste items e.g. end of life vehicles etc. have been identified blighting landscapes across the island, some of which are hidden from obvious view. These annual projects aim to improve the visual aesthetics of landscapes, which in turn can improve people’s quality of life.

These projects require considerable organisation and implementation and can involve partnering with other SHG Directorates or the private sector, for shared use of resources, mainly mobile plant and operators.

To date WMS have undertaken landscape bulky waste disposal projects in Longwood (including Deadwood), Ladder Hill, Donkey Plain and Horse Pasture.

Public Engagement and Education

WMS undertake an annual waste prevention campaign to raise awareness of specific waste related issues e.g. cigarette butts litter, which was the focus for the 2017 campaign. Campaigns contribute towards public engagement and education for the benefit of environmental protection. Campaigns will usually be visually impacting in order to generate discussion on the subject being communicated. WMS usually undertake a campaign in the month of December during the build up to Christmas.


WMS also support other organizations e.g. St Helena National Trust for the benefit of environmental protection. This may be through supply of resources and equipment for a beach clean-up, or simply to collect waste collected during a particular event e.g. ocean clean-up by divers (Marine Awareness).

Waste Prevention Campaign 2017 (Cigarette Butts Litter)

Communal Bin Housings