Public Areas and Toilets Sanitation

WMS undertakes public areas and toilets sanitation 7 days a week, 365 days a year in Jamestown.

Public Areas

Immediate Public areas in Jamestown are cleaned daily, these areas include:
Market Street
Main Street
Grand Parade
Wharf Area – Donny’s Bar to HM Customs

Operators commencing at 0600hrs will use battery powered Stihl Leaf Blowers and a Glutton Urban Street Vacuum.

Public Toilets

Public toilets in Jamestown are cleaned daily, usually during the morning and Public toilets outside of Jamestown are cleaned in conjunction with domestic waste collection routes. Cleaning materials, chemicals and water are carried in all WMS vehicles for this purpose. Ordinarily ancillaries are not provided in public toilets. The exception to this is on cruise ship days when toilet rolls and hand soap are supplied to enhance these facilities.

It is known that the majority of public toilet buildings are in a poor state of repair and require modernization and often this leads to complaints from the public and visitors as to the ‘state’ of the public toilets. Whilst WMS are not responsible for the aesthetics and maintenance of public toilet buildings, we are responsible for their sanitation.