Jamie Phillips – GIS

Job Position: GIS Surveyor
Length of Services: Four Years, Two Months

Positives in job role:

“This job covers a range of different things from working in the field, seeing and surveying places I’ve never heard of, to using programmes such as ARC GIS and QGIS to carry out our day-to-day basics of land registry. This includes producing maps for the public or infrastructure projects as well as other GIS duties.

“The job also involves a lot of interaction with the public, which allows me to meet a lot of new and interesting people. I hear different insights and opinions of people’s property and land, which I enjoy, as this helps me see things from both a working and neutral perspective.”

Ambitions with this job role

“My ambitions are to take all the opportunities to further my knowledge in GIS and to improve my skills and learn new techniques as a GIS Surveyor.”