Devlin Yon – GIS

Job Position: GIS Manager
Length of Service: 10 years
Positives of the Role:

“Surveying is one of the key roles within GIS and can be one of the most rewarding tasks. Being able to record information on the ground, then transfer it into a 3D model, can be an exciting and interesting job. In my current role, I also enjoy training people in the use of QGIS and getting them to visualise how they would use it in their job role.”

Ambitions within the job role:

Achieving a BSC /MSC is at the top of my list, but I would also like to get GIS to a position where it’s more user friendly to the public and the staff that use it on a day-to-day basis. This can be accomplished by implementing a digital land registry system, which is by far no small task. I would also like for GIS to use a server /database style system within St Helena Government (SHG) so that data can be pulled from a remote server using only ID and password credentials to gain access.  All SHG staff would then be able to access live data.