Legislative Council Office Assistant

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Company: St Helena Government

Application Deadline: 22 July 2024

Salary: £9,781 per annum

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The Legislative Council Office is seeking to recruit a motivated individual with proven effective administrative skills to provide the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Members of the Legislative Council with secretarial, research and administrative support. If you are interested in this opportunity then we would be keen to hear from you.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Provide secretarial and administrative support to elected Members of the Legislative Council, maintain and co-ordinate the diaries and weekly programmes for the non-ExCo Legislative Council members who are members of the Public Accounts Committee and/or a Select Committee. This will include arranging meetings and appointments and will include the need to ensure an appropriate venue and use of equipment is arranged/available when required.
2. Arrange agenda and documentation distribution for Public Accounts or Select Committee meetings and ensure a suitable venue and any necessary equipment is available.
3. Liaise with Portfolio Assistants for information required for Scrutiny Committees appointed by Order by the Governor for the purposes of scrutiny of sectors of Government activity as and when required.
4. Attend meetings as required in relation to point 2 above and prepare minutes, maintaining a Tracker document and ensuring that follow-up action is taken when such is required; and, assist the Committees in drafting reports to be laid at meetings of the Legislative Council as may be required by the Chairperson following consultation with the Legislative Office Team Leader/Clerk of Councils.
5. Ensure documentation required by Members of the Legislative Council is collated when required for meetings outside of the Legislative Council office.
6. Arrange public constituency/consultation/information meetings when required and provide secretarial support in arranging meetings as well as attending the meetings (this will involve working outside of the normal working hours when weekend/evening meetings are scheduled).
7. Draft and arrange for issue of press releases/statements on behalf of the Public Accounts or Select Committees through various media channels, ensuring Members have sought legal advice on any sensitive/controversial matters as may be necessary.

Closing Date: 2024-07-22

Current Date: 2024-07-23

The closing date for applying for this position has now passed.