Independent Member of the Audit & Risk Committee

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Company: Connect St Helena Ltd

Opening Date: 9 July 2021

Application Deadline: 26 July 2021

Connect Saint Helena Ltd offers a competitive retainer, payable on a monthly basis.

Location: Connect St Helena

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Connect Saint Helena Ltd has a vacancy for two Independent Members of the Audit & Risk Committee which is a sub-committee of Connect Saint Helena Ltd’s Board of Directors.

The responsibilities of the audit and risk committee include: providing advice and guidance on the Company’s governance structure, risk management, internal control framework and financial reporting.

The Audit & Risk Committee is expected to meet at least four times during the year and prospective candidates should have the equivalent of at least five working days availability during the year.

Qualifications & Experience
The ideal candidate will be able to develop an understanding of the objectives of the Company and its current significant issues and risks. Due to the remit of this committee, recent and relevant financial qualifications and experience is essential and previous Board level experience would be an advantage.

Please contact Annalisa Young at the email address below for further details.

Closing Date: 2021-07-26

Current Date: 2024-04-13

The closing date for applying for this position has now passed.