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Company: St Helena Government

Application Deadline: 24 July 2024

Salary: £10,167 - £12,049 per annum

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The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service has an opportunity to join their team as Fire Fighter. Within this role you will protect and save people and property from fire and other hazards, reduce risk and provide humanitarian services in the most competent and effective manner, to the highest possible standard of care and quality.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Carry out directions from the Officer in Charge when at fires, and other emergency incidents.
2. To be competent in the handling and use of all firefighting and emergency equipment with good knowledge of its approved standards and working procedures.
3. To be competent in Fire Prevention and Protection and to participate in educating the Public and Private Sector along with the General Public on Fire Safety issues to include presentations, demonstrations, etc. This also includes raising the profile of the service by providing a Community Service e.g. during Sports Days, Public Holiday events, etc.
4. Give instructions and training in the operation and use of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures.
5. Prepare appropriate incident reports, inspections and assessments of buildings along with liquor and petroleum licenses as requested.
6. Carry out inspections of and maintenance on fire hydrants and extinguishers as per maintenance programmes. Provide advice to members of the public, SHG Directorates and other organizations as may be necessary.
7. To achieve and maintain a good standard of physical fitness through participation in the Fire Service Physical Training Programme as well as participate in the Fire Department’s training programmes for Fire Fighters. To contribute to the Training of Auxiliary Fire fighters.
8. Provide an escort service and fire cover during the transportation of explosives.

Closing Date: 2024-07-24

Current Date: 2024-07-23

How to apply

To access job profiles and application forms online, please click here.  Alternatively, these are available in paper format from Central Human Resources and Organizational Development at The Castle, Jamestown. For further information, please contact the recruitment team on telephone number 22470 or via the recruitment email. Applications should be submitted to the Human Resources Officer vie the recruitment email or paper copies delivered to the Human Resources Officer by the closing date.

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