The Vision for St Helena is set out in its Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) 2014-17

In summary it is:

“Strengthened community and family life through vibrant economic growth, a healthy environment and with opportunities for all to participate, within a framework of effective government and law.”

The Island wants to strengthen community and family life and to do this must create the conditions for a large number of Saints who have gone overseas to come home. This can only be achieved by improving the standards of living, through economic growth, better public services, with opportunities for all to participate.

St Helena can make itself a more attractive place to live through the new airport – building an economy with real prospects for the people living here to make a better life for themselves. A buoyant economy will also provide a bigger tax base for the government to provide better public services.

Critical to both the sustainability of social development and economic growth is the effective management of the environment. The environment  is one of the Island’s key selling points and is, therefore, a vital ingredient in the Island’s tourism offer, while also an important element of health and well-being for our residents.

Realisation of the vision is only possible with effective government and law to help guide the way. People living and doing business on the Island should be able to rely on the law to protect their interests and on the Government to do all it can to ensure the vision for St Helena is achieved.